Net Nanny

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Do you really know what your kids do on the Internet?

These days most children have access to the Internet, both at school and home, but who is protecting them from adult content?

If you want to stop your kids from accessing specific websites, the best thing to do is use a tool like Net Nanny. This complete tool can be configured to block both websites with content not suitable for children, and also stop them from accessing programs or games installed in the PC, and also chat and instant messaging programs.

Net Nanny includes a very intuitive graphic interface, which lets you access the program easily, and via a configuration assistant you can set up the places your kids are allowed to go. You can also generate a word and phrase blacklist, and administer the program remotely from another PC. And of course, you will get reports, to your PC or mobile phone, on the activities of your kids. As you can see, Net Nanny is a complete parental control tool.

NOTE: To be able to try the Net Nanny program you need to register for free on the author's website, and it will give you the number you need.


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